Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mama's Day

The Mama's day is the most important of all the holidays.  It even rates higher than our birthdays.  This is the day that mothers everywhere celebrate the joyous occasion of  giving birth and becoming Mamas.  The Mama's work very hard for us and are tirelessly devoted.  They certainly deserve a full day of rest and relaxation (but that's not happening because that would interfere with my schedule) so in honor of this most very special day,  I intend to reward my Mama for all her hard work by smothering her with giggles and kisses every chance I get.  She's very special so I need to dominate ALL her time reminding her of how lucky she is to be MY Mama :)  And just in case The Daddy has any ideas about dumping me with the crazy old people and taking her out.... I'm going to start coughing now :)