Monday, February 21, 2011


The Pop Pop is an interesting creature.  He shows up unexpectedly bearing gifts that make the Mama nervous.  Last night he showed up at our house with bags and bags of colorful sparkling circles called bracelets.  He dumped them all out on the floor and we picked them all up again and put them in different containers.  I found a really neat super cool string on the ground that I wanted for myself, but it was covered with annoying little shells and beads.  So I took it over in the corner, ripped it with my teeth, dumped all the beads, than took my new string to show the Mama.   She was not happy, she was yelling because all the beads and shells had disappeared and everyone kept looking in my mouth (I watch Cops, you'd have to be an idiot to hide things in there).  I convinced the Mama I was perfectly fine, and insisted that everyone should enjoy my new string as much as I did, and all the worry was soon forgotten. And the Mama was very happy later when she changed my footy jammas and got all the beads back :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Traveling Throw Down

The Mama recently started doing this weird thing where she just walks away and goes about her business when I throw down ( see "The Tantrum") about whatever happens to be bothering me at the moment.  Sometimes I'm just mad because she put me down, sometimes she's not quick enough with my snacky cup.  Often the big kid or the Daddy are running interference and preventing me from achieving total Mama domination.  But I've devised a way to combat the ignoring of my need to be on her hip.  When the Mama walks away I simply pick up my tantrum and move it to wherever she happens to be.  This way I know that as long as I remain in her line of sight she cannot possibly ignore my angst.  Sometimes I have to relocate three or four times before she gives up and picks me back up, but the reward is well worth the theatrics involved.