Saturday, October 30, 2010


 When the Daddy is home he carries a beer with him everywhere he goes.  One afternoon I happened upon an unsupervised open can of beer on the end table.  I realized very quickly that an opportunity such as this one may not present itself again for a very long time, so I took full advantage of it.  I picked up the can of beer and lifted it towards my mouth, but just as I was about to take a sip, the floor started to shake.... was it earthquake? a rouge elephant? noooooooo.  It was something much worse, a panicking Mama yelling NO was approaching.  Not being sure how to handle this situation, I decided that the only rational thing to do was to throw can of beer and run.  Beer went everywhere! and the Mama immediately retreated to get her towels and spray cleaner, mumbling something about not wanting ants in the house.  Personally I'm not sure why someone wouldn't want ants in their house, their lots of fun, and if you get bored watching them you can eat them.

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